Energy Saving in Compressors

Course on compressor is about 1 hr duration and it talks about why energy consumption is too high in compressor and how to reduce it. Course also have basics like types, application and selection of compressor. Compressed air distribution and selection of compressor are subsequent topics and course ends with interesting methods of energy saving opportunities in compressor. This course is helpful to engineers, auditors and contractors to conserve energy in all types of compressors. 

Instructors: Dr. Sonal Desai


Why this course?


Benefits of the course

  1. Why compressor consumes lot of energy in any plant
  2. Types of compressors used in industry
  3. Applications of compressed air
  4. Selection of compressor
  5. Performance evaluation of compressor
  6. Energy conservation methods for compressor
  • Analyse quality and quantity of air required
  • Avoiding inappropriate use of compressed air
  • Leakage detection and trouble shooting
  • Reducing pressure drop
  • Role of intercooler and aftercooler
  • Using right controller for compressor
  • Pressure setting
  • Compressed air storage
  • Maintenance   

7.  Capacity assessment of compressor

8.  Checklist for compressed air system

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction (4:00)
Lecture 1 Types of Compressor (17:00)
Lecture 2 Performance & Energy Conservation in Compressor (22:00)
Lecture 3 Energy Conservation in Compressor (22:00)
Course Material_Energy Saving in Compressors (40 pages)

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