Sustainable Water Management | Water Audit : Module 2

Sustainable Water Management | Water Audit : Module 2

Sustainable water management (Course 2) starts with approach and methodology for water audit. It explains importance of water balance and key terms. There is a discussion about detail method of water audit including preparation and conduction phase and finally reporting. Course ends with zero discharge approach.  Course is quite useful to auditors, architects and engineers. 

Instructors: Dr. Sonal Desai


Why this course?


Sustainable Water management is 4 module course on Water Audit. It includes Introduction to Water Audit, Water Harvesting, Water Conservation in Industries, Domestic Water Conservation, Best Monitoring & Measurements in Water practices & case studies, AWWA Water Audit Software Practices

Agriculture, Residential, Commercial and institutional facilities use large amounts of water for various purposes. Increasing water efficiency among these facilities can greatly reduce overall water use. This course is detailed presentation about conducting water audit for all types of water end use. It also has hand on practice on water audit software. Course is about water management and water balance. It is easy to understand and simple to learn course with diagrams and details. This course is useful to consultants who are working in the field of water and energy audit, architects and sustainability engineer, green building designers and civil engineers.

Module 1 was about sources of water, water audit, methodology, industrial use of water and true cost of water.

Module 2 of this course series covers following topics

  1. Approach & Methodology
  2. Cost of water in Industries
  3. Stages of Water Management
  4. Definition of key variables in the Water Balance
  5. Importance of Water Balance
  6. Benefits of Non Revenue Water(NRW) Reduction
  7. Water Audit
  8. Water Audit Preparation
  9. Conducting the Water Audit
  10. Additional Water Auditing Tips
  11. Water Audit Report
  12. Zero water discharge & Approach

For the total content, enroll for all the modules.

Course Curriculum

Video Lectures
Course Introduction (7:00)
Water Conservation In Industries_I (9:00)
Water Conservation In Industries_II (11:00)
Key Variables In Water Balance (5:00)
Water Audit Method (16:00)
Reference Material
Water Conservation in Industries (21 pages)

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