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Energy Saving in Steam Distribution System

This course is about Energy conservation in steam and steam distribution system, It starts with industrial applications of steam and goes forward with design aspects of steam distribution system. Different types of steam traps are explained at length with animations. Possible losses of steam distribution and how to handle them comes next in the list and course ends with design guidelines for steam distribution and troubleshooting and checklist. This 2 hr course is very useful to industry people who are dealing and auditing steam system. 

Instructors: Dr. Sonal Desai


Why this course?


Benefits of the course

  • Why Steam is as heating source in process Industry?
  • List of Industrial application of steam
  • Design aspects of good Steam Distribution System
  • Different types of steam traps
  • Possible losses in Steam Distribution System
  • How to save energy by reducing heat loss?
  • Energy Saving methods and Design Guidelines for Steam Distribution System
  • · Troubleshooting and Checklist
  • Software for boiler assessment
  • Software for steam quality, stack loss, insulation and many more

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction (4:00)
Lecture 1 Introduction To Steam Distribution System (11:00)
Lecture 2 Basics Of Steam (12:00)
Lecture 3 Steam Piping Design (15:00)
Lecture 4 Guidelines For Steam Distribution System (18:00)
Lecture 5 Steam Traps (16:00)
Lecture 6 Performance of Steam Traps (8:00)
Lecture 7 Energy Saving In Steam Distribution System (15:00)
Steam system Assessment with Software
1 Properties of Steam
2 Stack Loss
3 Insulation Material
4 Header, 4 Header, PRV and Flash Chamber
5 Assessment of Thermal Power Plant
Course Material_Energy Saving in Steam Distribution System (66 pages)

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