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Green Building Design Courses

This course is useful for those who wish to understand design aspects of Green Building and about the conceptual understanding of different parameters affecting the Design process of Green Building. The course is highly recommended to learners appearing for IGBC, LEED AP, Griha, ASSOCHAM GEM and other green building certification exams.

Green Building Design Course comes with a fundamental understanding of all aspects of building design like Envelope design, Air infiltration, Lighting, HVAC design, Building orientation, Pumping design, Heating and Cooling, Energy management system, thermal energy storage and many more. This package of sustainable building design courses / sustainable architecture online courses is definitely helpful to learners who wish to understand green building design.


Why this course?


Following Courses are included in this Package 

Green Building Design (Part 1)/Energy Conservation in Building

  1. World wide Rating system for Green Building
  2. Green Building Envelope Design
  3. Effect of Air infiltration on Green Building
  4. Optimized lighting for Green Building
  5. HVAC Design for Green Building

Green Building Design (Part 2)/Energy Conservation in Building

  1. Building Siting (Orientation)
  2. Pumping Design for Green Building
  3. Selection of Refrigerant for Green Building

Green Building Design (Part 3)/Energy Conservation in Building

  1. Radiant Cooling
  2. Space heating Methods and suggestions
  3. Energy management System
  4. Thermal Energy Storage

Package Contents

Energy Conservation in Building | Green Building Design (Part 1)
Dr. Sonal Desai
Energy Conservation in Building | Green Building Design (Part 2)
Dr. Sonal Desai
Energy Conservation in Building | Green Building Design (Part 3)
Dr. Sonal Desai

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