Financial Management | Financial Management Course

Financial Management

This 45-minute course is about different financial methods to evaluate Energy or other projects. It includes comparison of different financial analysis methods and techniques to evaluate feasibility of project. 


Instructors: Dr. Sonal Desai


Why this course?


Benefit of the course

  • Investment need,
  • Investment criteria
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Basic terms of Financial Analysis
  • Financial Analysis Techniques
    1. Simple Pay Back Period
    2. Return on Investment (ROI)
    3. Net Present Value & Internal Rate of Return
    4. Lifecycle Cost Method
    5. Life cycle cost analysis for changing of bulb case study
  • Sensitivity Analysis

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to Financial Management
Lecture 2 Financial Analysis Techniques_I
Lecture 3 Financial Analysis Techniques_II
Lecture 4 Financial Analysis Techniques_III
Course Material_Financial Management (35 pages)

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