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Energy Saving in Pump

Pump is one of the largest radial machines used worldwide. This course of pump talks about energy consumption in pump. It starts with working of pump and goes for different types of pump. Technical terms like pump affinity laws, pump curve, system curve, NPSH, cavitation etc are explained at depth. Different energy saving options like impeller trimming, flow control method, variable speed drive and checklist are also inclusive of this 1.5 hr of course. 

Instructors: Dr. Sonal Desai


Why this course?


Benefits of the course

  • About the pump and Energy consumption in Pump
  • Energy saving possibility in pump
  • Working of pump
  • Different types of pump
  • Centrifugal and reciprocating pump
  • Pump Affinity laws
  • Pump curve and system curve
  • Static and dynamic head
  • Net positive suction head (NPSH)
  • Cavitation in pump and how to prevent it
  • Flow control in pump
  • Why throttling should not be used in pump
  • Suggested flow control
  • Case study of flow throttling
  • Series and parallel arrangement of pump
  • Selection of pump
  • Energy saving in pump
  • Impeller trimming
  • Pump maintenance
  • Review of flow control methods in pump
  • Use of variable speed drive in pump
  • Guidelines for new pumping system
  • Checklist for pumping system

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Lecture 1 Types of Pump
Lecture 2 Characteristic of Pump
Lecture 3 Flow Throttling in Pump
Lecture 4 Energy Saving in Pump_I
Lecture 5 Energy Saving in Pump_II
Course Material_Energy Saving in Pump (56 pages)

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