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Energy Saving in Boilers

This course is about Energy conservation in Boiler and is useful to those who wish to understand energy audit of boiler or appear for BEE or boile inspector exam. It starts with categories of boilers used in Industry and affiliated control systems. Two major methods of efficiency evaluations are discussed in detail with solved practice problem. All losses in boiler are narrated with remedy and potential saving associated. Different processes related to boiler like blowdown, shoot removal, deaeration, water treatment etc are explained and how to optimise them is mentioned and lastly there is exhaustive check list and potential energy saving measures. Course length is about 2 hr. 

Instructors: Dr. Sonal Desai


Why this course?


Benefits of the course

  • Different types of Industrial boilers and their working
  • Understanding of Steam generator through sketches and animations.
  • Explanation of different systems of boilers
  • Two methods of boiler efficiency evaluation namely direct and indirect method
  • Calculation of different losses in boiler
  • Effective blowdown
  • Shoot removal
  • Deaeration
  • Water treatment methods
  • Energy saving measures applicable to all boilers
  • Checklist
  • Software for boiler assessment
  • Software for steam quality, stack loss, insulation and many more

Course Curriculum

Lecture 1 Course Introduction (5:00)
Lecture 2 About Boiler & Boiler Specifications (11:00)
Lecture 3 Boiler Classification & Systems (23:00)
Lecture 4 Performance Evaluation of Boiler (13:00)
Lecture 5 Indirect Method of Boiler Efficiency Calculation (22:00)
Lecture 6 Solution of Boiler Efficiency by Indirect Method (16:00)
Lecture 7 Water Treatment of Boiler Water (13:00)
Lecture 8 Blowdown in Boiler (7:00)
Lecture 9 Increase Boiler Availability (10:00)
Lecture 10 Energy Conservation in Boiler (14:00)
Boiler Assessment with Software
1 Properties of Steam
2 Stack Loss
3 Insulation Material
4 Header, PRV and Flash Chamber
5 Assessment of Thermal Power Plant
Course Material_Energy Saving in Boilers

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