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Energy Audit

This Energy Audit Course is about a systematic approach to understanding the energy audit process as per global standards. It delivers about the Audit process, tangible and intangible benefits, audit process, benchmarking and analysis, cost-benefit analysis, ISO 50001 and Case studies. The course is useful to learners who wish to learn the Energy audit process and to professionals who wish to update their skills. Course duration is about 2 hrs. Energy Audit Course Online is helpful to learn Energy Management and Energy conservation. 

This Energy Audit certificate course is helpful to learn Energy Audit and to appear for BEE Energy Audit Examination. Energy Auditor certification course is also helpful to conduct Online Energy Audit of plant, process or premises.

163 learners enrolled

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Sonal Desai



Why this course?


Benefits of the course

1. About Energy Audit

  • What is Energy Audit
  • Who needs audit
  • Who can perform audit
  • Global standards of Energy Audit
  • Direct and indirect benefits of energy audit
  • Energy Audit Process
  • Before performing Audit

2. Types of Energy Audit

  • Preliminary and Detailed Audit
  • Visible Energy loss identification in walk through audit
  • Energy Audit criteria
  • Scope of energy Audit
  • Selection of Audit team Energy Audit Plan

3. Phase 1 (Preparation of Energy Audit)

  • Initial walk through
  • Collecting energy bills and data
  • Conducting preliminary analysis
  • Sample Energy flow charts

4. Phase 2 (Execution of Energy Audit)

  • Data inventory and management
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Analyzing Energy use pattern
  • Bench-marking and comparative analysis
  • Identifying Energy Saving Potential
  • Cost benefit analysis

5. Phase 3 (Reporting of Energy Audit)

  • Preparing Energy Audit Report with Recommendations
  • Preparing Action Plan
  • Implementing the action plan
  • Sample audit report

6. ISO 50001 and Energy Management Case Studies

  • ISO 50001
  • Plan Do Check Act of ISO 50001
  • Comparison of ISO 14001 and ISO 50001
  • Features of ISO 50001
  • Case Studies of Pumping system, chemical, automobile and textile plant and steel company


Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Lecture 1 About Energy Audit
Lecture 2 Types of Energy Audit (13:00)
Lecture 3 Phase 1 (Preparation of Energy Audit)
Lecture 4 Phase 2 (Execution Of Energy Audit)
Lecture 5 Phase 3 (Reporting of Energy Audit)
Lecture 6 ISO 50001 & Energy Management Case Studies
Course Material_Energy Audit (63 pages)
Q-Bank_Energy Audit (8 pages)

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