Electrical & Renewable System

Electrical & Renewable System

Power distribution system, Transformers, Maximum Allowable Power Transformer Losses, Transformer Efficiency and Losses, Types of transformers, Dry-Type Transformers, Oil Filled Transformers, Measurement and Reporting of Transformer Losses, Electric motors, Classification of Electric Motor, Internal view of a motor, Performance Characteristic of  Energy-Efficient Induction Motors, Consequences of Motor Over Sizing, Appropriate Loading of Motor, Methods to calculate motor loading, Selection of the Right Motor, Motor Rewinding versus Replacement, Diesel Generator (DG) Sets , Power Factor Correction, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Renewable Energy Systems


Instructors: Dr. Sonal Desai


Why this course?


This course is about Electrical and Renewable system for Energy efficient building meeting ECBC compliance standards.

Course has major discussion about

1. Power distribution system

2. Transformer and losses

3. Efficient motors, loading, rewinding guidelines

4. Diesel generator

5.Power factor correction

6. Renewable Energy Systems

Course is helpful to Engineers, Consultants, Architects and Energy managers who wish to adopt Energy efficient design of building.


Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Transformer (9:00)
DG set & Renewables (13:00)
Electrical Motors
Electrical Motors_I
Electrical Motors_II
Electrical Motors_III

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