Cooling Tower Course

Cooling Tower

Cooling tower is support system of HVAC, Power plant, chemical industry and many other industries. This 1 hr duration course on cooling tower talks about different applications of cooling tower, their configurations and major performance terminologies and their calculations. It also has components and materials and sizing. How to reduce water and energy loss, how to size cooling tower and maintenance of cooling tower are given due weightage. Troubleshooting and checklist are also included in course. Course is usefule to HVAC engineers, contractors and auditors. 


Instructors: Dr. Sonal Desai


Why this course?


Benefits of the course

  • About Cooling Tower
  • Applications of Cooling Tower
  • Types of Cooling Tower
  • Natural and Artificial cooling tower
  • Performance of CT like approach, range, effectiveness, capacity, COC blowdown, drift/ Fill material
  • Components of Cooling Tower
  • Different materials of cooling tower
  • Sizing of Cooling Tower
  • Reducing water loss in CT
  • Reduce blowdown in Cooling Tower
  • Maintenance of Cooling Tower
  • Minimize corrosion and scale in Cooling Tower
  • Variable frequency drives for Cooling Tower
  • Evaluate performance of existing cooling tower
  • Troubleshooting of cooling tower
  • Checklist of energy saving in cooling tower

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Lecture 1 About Cooling Tower
Lecture 2 Energy Saving in Cooling Tower
Lecture 3 Performance Assessment of Cooling Tower
Lecture 4 Troubleshooting of Cooling Tower
Course Material_Cooling Tower (33 pages)

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