What is Energy Modelling & Building Simulation?

Dr. Sonal Desai

25th Feb 2022

To meet the ever-growing energy demand and associated climate challenges, we must be clear with our responsibilities to address the ever-burning energy issue. Could it be electric vehicles, hydrogen as fuel, efficient and smart buildings, net zero emission, solar and wind energy generators or any other. It is sure that we need better buildings which use less energy, provide more comfort and are sustainable.

One way to build such a building is endorsing building design through building energy simulation. Energy modelling is a software-based building energy simulation process to build physics of building, incorporate user schedules, apply related loads and anticipate energy consumption prior to making it. It is also applicable to already built buildings.

Research endorses that building performance simulation reduces energy use upto 20 % and plays most vital roles to certify the building as per prevailing codes, conducts, certificates etc. It also gives life cycle assessment and economical evaluation to adopt best fit and optimized solutions.

Just like other engineering products, building also needs modelling to shape and structure it in a better way and that is the very purpose of building energy modelling. Worldwide many platforms are there to provide building performance simulation and Energy Modelling Courses. Users have to select the one which fits their bucket and budget. Building energy modelling tools are versatile and multipurpose tools which can be used for new or retrofit buildings and it can meet code compliance and green building certifications.

Ergo E Learning offers online and offline courses on building energy simulation using various software like eQuest, OpenStudio, EnergyPlus, DesignBuilder, Edge etc as well as Energy modelling services to the buildings.

Dr. Sonal Desai

✓ Certified Energy Auditor and Green Building Consultant

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