How To Reduce Energy Bill Of Your Home

Dr. Sonal Desai

18th Nov 2021


There is some equipment, whose running cost is considerably high compared to the first cost. Home ACs are one of them and hence need to optimize their performance to reduce monthly energy bills. Also, from global warming concerns, it is recommended to run it in energy saver mode as day by day our summers are getting hotter and winters are getting colder. Here are some tips and troubleshooting to help you achieve these goals and achieve energy saving in HVAC.

1. Keep the outdoor unit clean: Outdoor unit is often neglected and at times is installed at such a location where access is not there. Dirt, debris, twigs, and other dust accumulate around the condenser unit. Cleaning it at least twice a year makes heat pumping more efficient and makes your energy bill low. Please make sure to switch off the power before cleaning. Take the help of professionals to perform this or go for AMC. 

2. Dirty filters of ACs block the air passage and reduce airflow and cooling/heating subsequently. Follow the manufacture’s guidelines about changing and cleaning air filters. It depends on many factors to decide how frequently the filter needs to be changed and hence it is best practice to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and check every month.

3. Shade the outdoor units. It is to be done at the design and installation stage but the latter also managed to shade with a suitable arrangement to avoid direct sun rays falling on it. The efficiency of ACs can be increased up to 16 % if placed in a shaded and cool area. Direct exposure to the sun will generate more load on AC and draw more power to produce cooling. 

4. Use of ceiling fans helps to circulate cool air throughout the room and reduce the cooling load on ACs. 

5. Insulated roofs and attics help to keep homes cooler and reduce the load on the system. 

6. Check and change the insulation on refrigerant lines. It is mostly ignored action observed and can result in up to a 20 % rise in power consumption.

Contact to Service engineer if you found any of the following working conditions.

1. Cooling is becoming costlier; it may be due to loss of refrigerant or improper working of the compressor 

 2. If frequent on and off of compressor is observed and resulting in frequent cycling 

 3. If there is an unusual sound that is not known. 

 4. In case of ice accumulation on the compressor or refrigerant pipe.

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Dr. Sonal Desai

✓ Certified Energy Auditor and Green Building Consultant